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            Alijani, Shahram
            • « Agir et innover en temps de crise : l’innovation sociale à l’épreuve des réformes et de l'austérité », Colloque ‘L’innovation sociale en contexte d’austérité’, Association francophone pour le savoir, 83ème conférence ACFAS, Rimouski, Canada, 25-29 May
            • Alijani, S., D. Assadi et A. Ashta , “Microfinance and Crowdfunding Value Creation Dynamics: A Catalyst for Social Innovation”, Conference ‘Finance, Economy, Society: Toward a Sustainable Re-embedding’, European Academy of Management, Warsaw, Poland, 17-19 June.
            • Alijani S., B. Parenque “Cooperatives, Communities and the Commons: Exploring Alternative Models of Value Creation and Common-Pool Resources”, Conference ‘Finance, Economy, Society: Toward a Sustainable Re-embedding’, European Academy of Management, Warsaw, Poland, 17-19 June.
            • Alijani S.“From Economic Roots to Social Choices”, International Social Innovation Research Conference, York, United Kingdom, 6-8 September.
            Bodevin, Suzanne
            • OECD lecture Spring 2015- Tsipras – Incorp into the “Financial Crisis” section of MBF The OECD Forum – Paris, June 2015)
            • Sustainability topics (area of interest): J. Sachs, Mayor of Rotterdam, dialogued with film maker Steve Faigenbaum who created “City of Dreams”, regarding the historical decline of Detroit. Used the latest publication by J. Sachs of Columbia’s Earth Institute for the introductory portion of the new MA module (Sustainable Asset Management).


            Briggs, Kate
            • ‘Translation in the First Person’, invited speaker, Where We We: Intimacy, Writing, the Body, Aarhus International Festival of Art-Writing, Aarhus, Denmark, December 2015
            • ‘This Little Art’, invited speaker, Politics of Translation seminar co-run between AUP and ULIP, December 2015


            Brockmeier, Jens
            • Memory and metaphor: How do we give meaning to our past? Kilian und Koehler Center for Cultural Psychology and Cultural Anthropology, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.
            • Cultural Psychology is not a discipline but an orientation – Ernst E. Boesch Award of the Gesellschaft fuer Kulturpsychologie for Juergen Straub (Laudatio), German, Austrian, and Swiss Association of Cultural Psychology, University Salzburg, Austria.
            • Brockmeier, J. & Medved, M. I. (2015). “Heart disease and community imbalance“ in a Manitoba First Nation. Presented at the American Psychological Association, Toronto, ON, Canada.
            • Il tessuto narrativo del nostro ricordo: Narrazione e cultura. Festival dell’Autobiografia, Libera Università di Anghiari, Tuscany, Italy.
            • Possible memories: Beyond the divide between the individual and the collective. Conference on Imagining the Future of Collective Memory, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
            • Fracture, shock, lacuna: Cultural memory and the moment of the individual. Conference on La memoria unsepolta [Memory unburried]. Centro Arti della Modernità, The University of Turin, Italy.
            • Memory and metaphor: How do we make sense of the past? The University of Tampere, Finland.
            • Individualizing the historical imagination: Life history, lifetime, life story. Conference on The Historical Imagination. Humanities Research Institute, The University of Sheffield, UK.
            • Co-organizer 3rd Berlin Symposium on Narrative Medicine: After brain injury: Narrative and understanding. Panorama Klinik, Berlin, Germany (August)
            • The University of Tampere, University Summer Course in Social Sciences (August).


            Capehart, Kevin
            • "Micro-Foundations of a Modest Proposal to Eat the Unemployed." Working paper presented at a session organized by the Association for Social Economics (ASE) during the annual Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) meeting in Boston, MA, on January 3, 2015.


            Corran, Ruth
            • Michel Broué, speaking on "Cyclotomic Root systems", joint work with Ruth Corran and Jean Michel, presented at the Colloquium on Algorithms and Representations, University of Aachen, Germany (July 2015) and the Serge Bouc Conference, EPFL, Lausanne (September 2015)


            Dafydd, Siân Melangell
            • Conference participation: International Forum, Aberystwyth University, spring 2015
            • Workshop: Critical Writing at Aberystwyth University, spring 2015
            • Workshop: Poetry Connections translating with a bridge-language in Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata with poetry festival performances
            • Workshop/research: collaboration with Anitha Thampi, Malayalam poet – work in progress involving translation and writing of new work
            • Invited writer to Kikinda Short Festival, July 2015


            Derhy, Marie France
            • Conference participation entitled “L’optimisation et la programmation mathématique” at the Institut Poincaré.


            Dow, Wlliam
            • “Journeys of the ‘I’ in James Baldwin and Barbara Ehrenreich.” “The First Person as Resistance.” Annual Conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Session Organized by the International Association of Literary Journalism Studies (IALJS). San Francisco, CA. August 5-9, 2015.
            • “The French Americanist Bibliography Project: Phase Four.” The French Association of American Studies Conference : “Movement, Place, Fixity.” Université de La Rochelle, 27-30 May, 2015.
            • “Locating the Destitute: Richard Wright’s Literary Journalism and Prescient Politics.” Lessons in Resistance: Richard Wright as Social Critic and Political Thinker. Invited Speaker. University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, 11-12 May, 2015.
            • “Uninvited Objectivity: Charles Reznikoff, Muriel Rukeyser, and Mark Nowak.”Literary Journalism, Media, Meaning, Memory. The International Association of Literary Journalism Studies 10. The University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota. May 7-9, 2015.
            • Associate Editor of Literary Journalism Studies (Northwestern University Press). Thus far two volumes have been published in 2015-2016: Vol. 7, No. 1 Spring 2015 and Vol. 7, No. 2, Fall 2015. The Spring 2015 volume of LJS, devoted to female literary journalists, contains my interview with Barbara Ehrenreich, one of the leading investigative journalists in the U.S., best known for Nickel and Dimed (2001).


            Ekovich, Stephen
            • Presentation on U.S. policy on use of ground troops at a conference held at Sciences Po, Paris. Conference entitled (No) Boots On The Ground?Meaning and Implications of the Decision to Employ Strategic Landpower
            • Presentation on "United States and New Cold War" at an international conference in Tangiers, Morocco (Fondation Forum d'Assilah). Published in Arabic in a Moroccan journal. English version to be published in the proceedings. Topic of the symposium "Back to the Future: A New Cold War?" Invited were researchers and journalists from Europe, United States, Asia and Africa as well as former ambassadors, foreign ministers and prime ministers and other diplomats.
            • Twice moderated debates at the Kitson Press Club.
            • Three-day workshop on democracy for political leaders and influentials in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.


            Einbinder, Fred
            • Panelist- UNECE (UN GENEVA) International PPP Forum: Implementing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through effective, people first Public Private partnerhips
            • Spoke to Enforcement efforts in combating corruption in PPP projects


            Feltham, Oliver
            • Coordinated and co-directed the Paris Summer School in Design and the Prototype: A week long intensive practicum in partnership with the Carnegie Mellon University, Parsons Paris, Goldsmiths University and the University of Tasmania. June 2015
            • Coordinated and co-directed the Composition of Force, composition of interest political philosophy research seminar: Jason E. Smith (Art Centre College of Design, Pasadena) 4th November 2015 Paul Patton (UNSW, Sydney) 13th November 2015
            • “Masterclass on Badiou’s set theory ontology”, at the BPPA Masterclass on Alain Badiou’s Ontology, University of Liverpool, 2nd-3rd October 2015
            • “Elements for an ontology of action” at the Australian Society for Continental Philosophy Annual Conference at the University of New South Wales, Sydney December 2015.


            Fleury, Cynthia
            • Quai d'Orsay/Mission Campus France pour la COP21 : Djeddah, Riyad. Abu Dhabi. Port SaId. Alexandrie. Khobar. Dubai . 2015 Novembre.
            • Visiting Professor, Universite de Pekin (Beida), Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer et l'Academie de la culture chinois. 2015, avril,
            • Villa Medicis (Ambassade de France, Rome), projet SOLIS residence « Les irremplacables toujours .. » Programme de recherche sous Contrat de recherche clinique, CUMP-SAMU Hopital Necker enfants malades Unite de recherche clinique – Cochin Necker (Pr. les » 2015, fevrier)
            • JM Treluyer Direction: Pr. L. Crocg, Pr. P. Carli, D. Crenmiter: Etude comparée du traumatisme psychique chez les sauveteurs et du stress et du burn out chez les soignants des SAMU et services d'urgence


            Gardner, Hall
            • Lecture on the « US Rebalancing to Asia », Conference on Asian Security, German Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG)
            • Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, and Taiwan ASEAN Studies Center (Bangkok) December 2015: Lecture, « Origins of the Russian Backlash and Annexation of Crimea» Bahcesehir University, Istanbul (20 November 2015)
            • Lecture, « Crimea, Global Rivalry and the Vengeance of History » Eisenhower' Institute (13 November 2015)
            • Lecture (and publication) "From World War I to the Present: Comparative Hegemonic Rivalries and the Disintegration of World Order" World Association of International Studies held at Stanford University (October 2015)
            • Lecture « The Crimea and Global Rivalry» International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory Seminar (October 2015)
            • Lecture « NATO and EU Expansion: The Risks ofCol'l1ering the Russian Bear» The Implications of Russian Interventions for the Security of Europe and NATO's Responsibilities CIOR Seminar Konigswinter (17 February 2015)


            Gardner, Isabel
            • • Introduced artist Laurence Jenkins at Qatar Embassy in Washington, DC (Nov. 2015)


            Gilbert, Geoff
            • Gilbert, Geoff. ‘The Occasion of Poetry’. Against Value seminar. University of Sheffied. 13 May 201
            • ‘“Each tongue draws a circle around the people to whom it belongs”: Reading closely from far away, and what is wrong with metaphors of reading world literature as though reading were a form of looking’. Cultural Translation Symposium. Cardiff University, 15 May 2015. Keynote.


            Golub, Philip
            • "La faute americaine", in Le Moyen Orient: de Sumer a Daesh: Les collections de I'Histoire, W69, summer 2015.


            Gunn, Dan
            • “Samuel Beckett’s First Love”. A lecture at Eugene Lang College, New York. February 2015
            • “Editing as Translation”. A lecture at New York University. February 2015
            • “Samuel Beckett’s Letters”. A talk (with Joseph O’Neill) at Albertine Books, New York. February 2015
            • The Emperor of Ice-Cream”. A reading at McNally Jackson Bookshop, New York. February 2015
            • “Letters, Literature, and Politics”. A conversation with Jean-Michel Rabaté, Slought Gallery, Philadelphia. March 2015
            • “Samuel Beckett Through his Letters, 1957-1964”. A reading and lecture at Harvard University. March 2015
            • “Editing as Translation.” A lecture at the Editorial Institute, University of Boston. March 2015
            • The Emperor of Ice-Cream”. A reading (with Claire Messud) at Porter Square Bookshop, Cambridge, Massachusetts. March 2015
            • “Translating Samuel Beckett.” A talk (with George Craig) at Trinity College, Dublin. March 2015
            • The Emperor of Ice-Cream”. A reading at Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop, Paris. April 2015
            • “Immigration Song”. A panel at the Edinburgh International Book Festival with Johannes Anyuru. August 2015
            • “Author, Editor, Publisher, Translator”. A panel with Alessandro Gallenzi at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. August 2015


            Hobart, Brenton
            • Hobart, Brenton. ‘Une Maladie Monstrueuse’: Monstrous Attributes of Ambroise Paré’s Plague and Plague Victim. Proc. of The Renaissance Society of America, Annual Conference, Berlin. Mar. 2015.


            Hollinshead-Strick Cary
            • Hollinshead-Strick, Cary. Mummies and Plieuses: Folds as Marks of Modernity. Fashion, Modernity and Materiality in French Studies, Missillac, France, July 2015.
            • Hollinshead-Strick, Cary. Marked by the Fold: Materialization of Newspapers and Formatting of Roles. NCFS (Nineteenth Century French Studies) Colloquium, Princeton, NJ, October 2015.


            Isar, Yudhishthir Raj
            • Inaugural lecture on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the University of Goa, India, 12 March 2015
            • Keynote Address at the conference ‘Art and Culture in Peace and Reconciliation’ organized at the Jakarta Biennale by the Danish Centre for Culture and Development, Copenhagen, 20 November 2015.


            Kazandjian, Seta
            • Regularly provide lectures in neuropsychology for organizations, such as SPRINT France.


            Kinne, Elizabeth
            • Kinne, Elizabeth. “Subject to change: Forging Early and Post-Modern Subjectivities in Christine de Pizan and Frank Herbert.” Kings and Queens 4 : Dynastic Changes and Legitimacy The University of Lisbon, June 24th- 25th, 2015.
            • • “Filthy dealings and feminine circulation in Le Roman de Silence and ‘Berengier au lonc cul.’” Gender and Medieval Studies Conference 2015: Gender, Dirt and Taboo, Bangor University, January 7th-9th, 2015.


            Kobtzeff, Oleg
            • "La Russie en Mediterranée", conference organized by the International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory presenting No.4 of its Geostrategic Maritime Review, Cercle Militaire, Paris, June 2015.
            • "The Arctic as a new mediterranean", guest lecture (invited by Professor Yrissou), CEA – Study Abroad campus (University of Hartford), Paris, February 2015 and November 2015
            • "Que deviendra la Russie en 2030 ?" (What will become of Russia in 2030?) - WikiStage à Sciences Po; presentation during public debate over long-term risk analysis with Sciences Po students organized by the new social network WikiStage - January 26 2015 (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AApz-WbhsYE)
            • Series of ten conferences on the history of the Orthodox Church in Russia, Institut de theologie Orthodoxe Saint Serge, Paris (February-May 2015)


            Kozlova, Olesia
            • EEA Conference, January 2015
            • INET Conference April, 2015
            • Invited Speaker at University of Santiago, Chile 2015
            • INET Workshop on Financial Stability, Paris April 8-11h 2015
            • INET Workshop on Issues in Sovereign Debt restructuring, Trento, June 2015
            • IBDA invited speaker, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2015


            Kuo, Michelle
            • Spoke on a panel at the Harvard Literary Festival


            Levinson, Sharman
            • Led a Masters seminar at the University of Angers (Topic : Social Psychology and History of Pain) 2014- 2015.
            • Presented two papers and led a symposium on “Strange Illnesses of the Past : History and Memory” at the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences annual Meeting July 2015


            Lincoln, Lissa
            • “ ‘Cast(e)ing Gender’ in Dalit Literature” Savitribai Phule Pune University. Pune, India 14-15 December, 2015. International Conference.
            • Gender and Caste” hosted by Columbia University at Delhi International Centre, New Delhi, India. December 20-22, 2015. Workshop


            Majed, Ziad
            • Sorbonne Paris V (France): Conférence "Diplomatie et humanitaire en terre syrienne; regards croisés entre la France et le Proche-Orient", 16 Feb. 2015
            • University of Oslo (Norway): "Syria: Assad's Shiite Jihadists", 24 September 2015
            • University of Marmara (Turkey): conference "The ME: Persistant Authoritarianism or Prospects for Democratization?"| 7 & 8 Nov. 2015
            • Solidarité Syrie Toulouse, February 2015
            • Solidarité Syrie Paris, April 2014, March 2015
            • Syria solidarity Koln (Germany), March 2015
            • Association Revivre, April 2015
            • Solidarité Syrie Courneuve, April 2015
            • Ila Souria, November 2015
            • Solidarité Syrie Nancy, November 2015
            • L’Iremmo, Paris: Conférence "La Syrie en livres", 31 March 2015
            • L’Institut du Monde Arabe à Paris:
              • "Récits d'une Syrie oublié", April 7, 2015
              • "Beyrouth: mémoire d'une ville méditerranéenne", June 4, 2015
              • "La Syrie: les revers d'une révolution", June 7, 2015
              • "Syrie: Pour une troisième voie", October 6, 2015
            • Salon du livre francophone de Beyrouth (Lebanon): Conferences on Syria and Lebanon in November 2015
            • Kettering Foundation (USA): Lecture "ISIS: Power, Islam for Dummies, Violence and Video Games", Dayton, Ohio, 17 July 2015


            Medin, Daniel
            • Speaker and moderator at launch event for Music & Literature no.5 (Kaija Saariaho, Stig Sæterbakken, Can Xue) at Nordic Embassies, Berlin, January 2015.
            • Speaker and moderator at launch event for Music & Literature no.5 (Kaija Saariaho, Stig Sæterbakken, Can Xue) at Shakespeare & 北京福彩网, Paris, February 2015.
            • Speaker at celebration of The White Review and Music & Literature at Hannah Barry Gallery, London, February 2015.
            • Panelist for The Role of Literary Journals in Showcasing Translated Literature, London Book Fair, April 2015.
            • Speaker for Music & Literature vs. Vagant: On Transatlantic Publishing at Kapittel International Festival of Literature and Freedom of Expression, Stravagen (Norway), September 2015.
            • Notes from an Editor's Desk,” lecture at Les revues internationales et l’espace intellectuel européen: à partir de Lettre internationale, Journée d’études organisée par le Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po, l’IMEC et Ent’revues, Caen, October 2015.
            • Conversation with David Wagner about Robert Walser, opening event of the annual meeting of the RobertWalser-Gesellschaft, Goethe Institut Paris, October 2015.
            • “Editing literary translations,” workshop at University of East Anglia, Norwich, November 2015
            • Speaker and moderator at launch event for Music & Literature no.6 (Alejandra Pizarnik, Victoria Polevá, Dubravka Ugrešić), Norwich, November 2015.


            Medved, Maria
            • Keynote Presentation, Getting lost: Neurological change, affect, and families. Affect: Memory, Aesthetics, and Ethics, Winnipeg, Canada (2015, September).
            • Co-Organizer, Annual Berlin Symposium of Neurological Narrative Medicine (2015, August)
            • Brockmeier, J. & Medved, M.I. (2015, August). Heart disease and “community imbalance.” Presented at the American Psychological Association, Toronto, Canada.
            • Medved, M.I. (2015, June). Rights, responsibilities and rehabilitation: One family in the aftermath of a mother’s stroke. Presented at the Canadian Psychological Association, Vancouver, Canada.


            Payne, Robert
            • Presented his research on the social media circulation of the slogan “Je suis Charlie” in the aftermath of the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris at the IAMCR conference in Montreal in July 2015


            Piani, Claudio
            • Piani, Claudio. “Statistical Bias Correction of hydrological forcing fields from GCMs:basic concepts”. Third Workshop on Water Resources in Developing countries. International Center for theoretical Research, Trieste, Italy 6-17 May 2015
            • IPCC, 2015: Workshop Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Workshop on Regional Climate Projections and their Use in Impacts and Risk Analysis Studies [Stocker, T.F., D. Qin, G.-K. Plattner, And M. Tignor (eds.)]. IPCC Working Group I Technical Support Unit, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland, pp. 171.


            Picard, Anne Marie
            • Picard, A.-M.. « La grande Beune : le féminin de la mère ... à tuer ou à écrire. » Le sacré dans l'œuvre de Pierre Michon, Deuxième journée : Archaïsme et violence du sacré, Centre d'Étude et de Recherche sur Imaginaire, Écritures et Cultures (CERIEC), Université d’Angers (16 juin 2015).


            Pike, David
            • Oración sobre los muertos españoles, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, May 5, 2015.
            • “The King versus the Constitution: British support for American resistance, 1763-1783”, AUP, October 14, 2015.
            • • “Aurigny, isla cárcel SS, 1940-1945”, Cinéma la Clef , Paris, September 26, 2015.


            Rast, Rebekah
            • Rast, R. Invited speaker, Instructed third language acquisition: The first moments of input processing. Applied Linguistics 3rd Postgraduate Conference, University of Greenwich, 27 May 2015
            • Rast, R. L’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue : comment démarrer ? LGIDF conference Journée Pédagogique: Acquisition et enseignment du français en context multilingue, Paris, 17 June 2015
            • Rast, R., Watorek, M., Trévisiol, P. and Demagny, A.-C. To what extent does structured and practiced input neutralize L1 and L2 effects on an L3 at the initial stages of acquisition? European Second Language Association Conference 25, Aix-en-Provence, France, 28 August 2015
            • Hilton, H., Rast, R. and M. Starren, M. Individual differences in a beginning language classroom: young adult learners in five European countries. European Second Language Association Conference 25, Aix-en-Provence, France, 29 August 2015
            • Rast, R., Watorek, M. and Latos, A. How do absolute beginners learn inflectional morphology? Classroom Oriented Research: Toward Effective Learning and Teaching, Konin, Poland, 14 October 2015
            • Rast, R. What can adult learners do at first exposure to a novel language? Second Language Studies Seminar, Michigan State University, 12 November 2015


            Regan, Marie
            • Regan, Marie, Interviewer, “An evening with Sylvain George.” American University of Paris, March 2015
            • Regan, Marie, co-director, Oberhausen Film Festival Seminar, May 2015.This official think tank of scholars, archivists and filmmakers responds to contemporary moving image practice each year. Participants are selected for their distinction in the field and include leading scholars,
            • Regan, Marie, Guest lecture, “Female Auteurs in French Cinema.” Reed Hall, Columbia University, Paris Campus, July 2015.
            • Regan, Marie, “Speaking the script: Marguerite Duras and the performance of text in Le Camion,” International Screenwriting Research Network Conference, University of London, England, 11 September 2015.
            • • Regan, Marie, Panel chair, The Ethics of Screenwriting, International Screenwriting Research Network Conference, University of London, England, 11 September 2015.
            • Regan, Marie, Panel chair, The Auteur and the Screenplay, International Screenwriting Research Network Conference, University of London, England, 11 September 2015.


            Roda, Claudia
            • Panelist: Privacy-by-design to Privacy-by-Operation - Cyber Security and Privacy Innovation Forum, Brussels 28-29 April 2015
            • Seminar: Attention automatisée et design d’interface : Eyes tracking, GoogleGlass et Quantified Self – Le design de l’attention: Création et Automatisation - Institut de recherche et d’innovation Centre Pompidou and Biennale internationale de design de Saint-Etienne 24 March 2015
            • Lecture: Privacy Motivation – Privacy Training Workshop, Ulm University, Germany 9-10 March 2015,
            • Panelist: Privacy in Computer Science Education – Computer, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) Conference 2015 Bruxelles


            Rosenstein, Roy
            • Université de Lorraine, Colloque international : Éditions électroniques, études de corpus et bases textuelles dans les études médiévales, organized by the Société de Langues et de Littératures Médiévales d'Oc et d'Oïl.. January 2015
            • University of Granada, First International Conference of the Spanish Branch of the International Arthurian Society. Presented the English version of my research on “The Greene Knight: Retelling or Remake of Sir Gawain?” February 2015
            • Université de Picardie, Colloque L’épopée: le héros entre histoire et mythe de l’Antiquité à la Renissance en Occident. “Comment triompher des Francs à Roncevaux? Une réponse byzantine...” March 2015


            Russakoff, Anna
            • St. Louis University, Manuscripta conference, October 2015. Delivered a paper entitled: “Painted and Sculpted Images of Mary in ‘Miracles of the Virgin’ Illustrations”
            • International Medieval Congress at Leeds (U.K.). Served as organizer and moderator for a session entitled “Grisaille in late medieval manuscripts.” Summer 2015
            • “Medieval Manuscripts in Motion” conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. Delivered a paper entitled: “Mobile Fables: Cross-Cultural Animals and their Representations in the Kalila wa Dimna.” Spring 2015
            • Served on the dissertation defense committee for a thesis on illuminated Gautier de Coinci manuscripts at the University of Murcia in Spain in December 2015.


            Sawyer, Stephen
            • “Foucault and Neoliberalism” Co-organized with Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins. International symposium at the American University of Paris, March 25-26.
            • From the “Passion for Equality” to the Struggle Against Inequalities: Realities and Representations” American University of Paris, February 5-6
            • “What is Critical Democracy?” Stephen Sawyer, Cynthia Fleury, Philip Golub, December 7, 2015.
            • “New Directions in the Transatlantic History of the State” Co-organized with Elisabeth Clemmens and James Sparrow. International symposium held at the University of Chicago Center in Paris. May 21-22 2015
            • Global and Transnational History of France Research Group: http://chsp.sciences-po.fr/evenement/pourune-histoire-transnationale-et-globale-de-la-france-seance-6
            • Compensatory Federalism: Democratic Statecraft in Nineteenth-Century France, Social Science History Association, Baltimore, November 14 2015
            • Bringing the State Back In? Foucault and the Neo-Weberian Episteme, Center for Contemporary Critical Thought, Columbia University, New York, November 9 2015
            • Les origines internationales du républicanisme français. Louis Blanc, l'empire britannique et l'anti-étatisme Américain, Université de Dijon, 29 juin 2015


            Schiff, Brian
            • Schiff, B. The Hermeneutics of Evil, invited paper given at a conference, “Ascribing ‘Evil’: The Missing Criminology of International Criminal Law” presented at the University of Copenhagen on December 4, 2015.


            Shimony, Jonathan
            • Ran three one-day Master Degree Sculpture workshops at Strate College, Sevres. October, November and December ’15
            • Taught two daylong Printmaking Workshops for Trinity College, Paris. November 15


            Slavkova, Iveta
            • Two conferences, Université du Temps libre, La Rochelle :“Varian Fry et les artistes candidats à l’exil”, « Dada, Duchamp et anti-art » March 2015
            • Four conferences in collaboration with the Musée de Valence in 2 high schools (Emile Loubet and Notre Dame):“The period in between the wars”,“The Monster in art”,“Optical illusions”,“The time of ruptures: the avant-garde” April 2015


            Spieler, Miranda
            • “What is Law in the Age of Empire,” Law and the Humanities Panel, American Historical Association Annual Meeting, 4 January 2015.
            • “The Slaves of Paris: Revelations from the Archives de la Bastille.” Invited talk at Beyond France, Columbia Faculty Seminar, co-chaired by Gregory Mann and Emanuelle Saada 10 April 2015.
            • Co-organizer (with Paul Cheney) of Table Ronde, Rebecca Spang: Stuff and Money in the Time of the French Revolution, 29 May 2015.
            • "Citoyenneté et esclavage aux marges de l'empire au XIXe siècle. Invited lecture at the Salon du Livre, Rendez-Vous de l’histoire, Blois, 9 Oct. 2015.


            Stojanov, Georgi
            • Invited lecture on Creativity and Attention for the faculty of Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione (ISTC-CNR) in Rome (invitation by Dr Francesca Giardini) 29th November 2015.


            Vanel, Hervé
            • Two parts conference “De l'Expressionisme Abstrait au Pop Art” Musée d'art moderne André Malraux, Le Havre, as part of the conference cycle « L'art aux États-Unis d'Amérique du XVIIIe au XXe siècle : regards croisés » January 19th and January 26th 2015


            Wildberger, Jula
            • “Senecas Sorge um das Selbst: Politik mit anderen Mitteln?” Invited lecture. University of Würzburg, November 2015; University of Osnabrück, January 2015
            • “Doxographien der stoischen Ethik und ihre Rezeption in Rom,” II. Workshop der AG „Philosophie in Rom“ (Gesellschaft für Antike Philosophie): „Antike Philosophie in Rom – Paradigmen einer interkulturellen Aneignung,“ Universität Würzburg, July 2015
            • “Die Visualisierung von Ovids Mythen: Was lernen wir daraus?” International conference “Mythenbilder in Kunst und Literatur: Ovids Werk und sein kultureller Kontext”, Institut für Klassische Archäologie der Ludwig-Maxilians-Universität München, July 2015
            • “Cleanthes’ Poetry and Poetics.” International workshop on Cleanthes. Institut für Philosophie, Universität Wien, May 2015
            • “‘To understand each phenomenon as it intended itself’: Hermann Fraenkel as a Historian of Mentalities.” International conference “Formalism / Idealism: Comparative Literary History, 1860-1960.” The University of Chicago Center in Paris, April 2015


            Ward, James
            • Attended monthly Frontiers in Finance lecture series. http://www.frontiers-in-finance.net/
            • Attended sessions of the Stochastic Modeling Conference in Padua February 2015


            Williams, Russell
            • Williams, Russell. ‘The ‘Rebranding’ of Michel Houellebecq: Persona, Authorial Presence and Narrative Voice’. Society for French Studies conference. Cardiff. June 30, 2015.


            Wilson-Chevalier, Kathleen
            • Co-organized with Cour-de-France.fr, at the Institut d’Études Avancées on the Île-Saint-Louis: Femmes à la cour de France. Charges et fonctions (Moyen-Âge-XIXe siècle). 20 different papers were presented by an international group of scholars. We remain grateful that we received the financial support of AUP/Mellon.


            Wu, Albert
            • Commentator for Panel on “Germans in the World,” at the German Studies Association in Washington D. C., 4 October 2015.